Convenience, affordability, and a decent clean are the basic earthly expectations from a car wash. Martian Car Wash rockets beyond what is “normal” to provide an out of this world and memorable EXPERIENCE with cleaning your vehicle.

With technology that is light years ahead and earthling employees that are always available to help provide assistance, our 3 levels of washes are designed to leave your vehicle cleaner than any other car wash on Earth.

Mid Rivers Location
A Team That Makes It Right

All of our locations have knowledgable and friendly earthling Mars-kateers on site to help answer your questions and guide you through the wash process.

Interior Cleaning

Our Mid Rivers location offers interior cleaning. Try our Full-Orbit wash for an out of this world clean, both inside and out. If it’s a celestial interior that sends you over the moon, try our Super Inside package for just $20.

Under Body Blast

Since most space ships spend their time in the sky, we know the value of cleaning every inch of your vehicle, even where the sun doesn't shine. Our tunnels are equipped with the technology to reach every nook and cranny!

Triple Foam

Not one, not two, but THREE out of this world foam soaps! They'll work together to both clean and shine everything from your windows to your launch cylinders.

Touch Screen Payment

You are just one touch away from an out of this world clean. Using credit card or cash, you can purchase a single wash or join our Unlimited Monthly Martian Membership.

Tire Dressing

More than just shine, our tire dressings will protect and clean like only a Martian Car Wash can.

Soft-N-Gentle Tunnel Wash

Put your car in neutral and let Merle handle the rest. Our state-of-the-art equipment will pull your car through the tunnel; cleaning, polishing, drying, and shining your car to Merle’s martianly standards.


The perfect mix of gentle and dirt-blasting our rinse capabilities are out of this world. We also employ martian technology to ensure a bit of water conservation to benefit our earthing customers.

High Pressure Blast

Nothing cuts through dirt like a high pressure blast of H20. You'll knock loose months of build-up in a matter of minutes!

Accepts Credit Cards

Did you know aliens have more advanced technology than earthlings? Merle absolutely wouldn't allow a wash without the fastest and most secure payment options available. Cash is also accepted!

Free Vacuum Stations

Merle the Martian appreciates your earthly needs. Our locations offer free vacuum stations with powerful suction capabilities so you can perfectly sterilize every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Our Mid Rivers location does not offer free vacuums, but our friendly Mars-kateers can help with interior cleaning if you’re looking for an out of this world clean, inside and out.

Free Floor Mat Cleaning

Certain parts of your spaceship need a little extra attention to detail. Our floor mat cleaning devices get you one step closer to a spotless spacecraft.

Free Air Fresheners

We’ve perfectly engineered some favorite human scents to delight your nostrils, for free, after every Martian Car Wash.

Foam Bath

A foam bath will remove grime from your UFO with minimal effort and a smooth finish.

Detail Products Vending

As a highly intelligent being, Merle has anticipated your every cleaning need. Use cash or credit to purchase high-quality detailing products without leaving the comfort of the Martian Wash.

Colada Sheen Canauba Wax

Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of wax on a freshly cleaned car. Colada Sheen Canauba Wax provides both protection and shine with a fresh pina colada scent.

Bug Buster

Even though the bugs on Earth are slightly less threatening than your average space bug, they are still a pain to get off of your car. Martian Car Wash's Bug Buster is the extraterrestrial solution to your Earthly problems.

Wheel Cleaner

After a brief encounter with the Mars Rover, Merle knows how dirty tires can get. If our special wheel-cleaning technology is enough to knock the space dust off of a Martian vehicle, it'll do wonders for you too.

How often should I wash my car?

Weekly. Washing once a week will properly maintain the paint and exterior of your vehicle.