Your company’s vehicles are often Earthling customers’ first impressions of your business. It’s important to keep your company cars looking out-of-this-world sharp.

A sparkling, clean business-vessle reflects attention to detail, professionalism, and quality (Things Merle The Martian LOVES). Martian Car Wash offers the perfect solution for businesses needing a fleet car wash. Our fast, high quality washes provide fleet drivers a quick and easy way to keep company vehicles looking great while staying on the go.

Martian Car Wash currently provide fleet services for a variety of businesses, including limousine companies, couriers, medical services companies, NASA (kidding) and more.

The Martian Car Wash Fleet Services program offers many benefits to businesses that manage fleets of vehicles. Fleet customers receive the benefit of detailed vehicle tracking, monthly invoicing, payment options, a free air freshener at the time of service, and free vacuuming. It’s out of the galaxy great!