Martian Wash Club Monthly Memberships

How Do I Sign Up?

You can click here to become a member.


Simply hover on up (or drive, whatever your craft of choice does best) to our carwash and see the cashier. Select the wash club you wish to have and pay with the credit card you wish to be billed every month with. After the wash provide your receipt to a Mars-kateer. They will use their super dexterous human fingers to adhere your personal RFID decal to you windshield. Thanks to our martian technology, the small receiver fits discreetly, so you won’t hardly notice it is there.

Why Should I Sign Up?

No worries about Earth's rainy days or salty/dirty roads!

The moon’s the limit! Wash as often as you like. Ever washed your car and then it rained? No worries as a Martian Wash Club Monthly Member!

No Sign Up Fee!

Never Leave Your Car to get Your Wash!

Enjoy the martian experience from the comfort of your craft. The pay station reads your RFID tag and the gate then raises for entrance to the wash.

No Codes or Cards!

Wash for as little as $.67 per wash!

No Hassle Billing!

Your membership is automatically charged to your credit/debit card of choice on the monthly anniversary date of sign up.
*Martian Wash Club Monthly Membership is good at any Martian Car Wash location.

Can I wash?

At Martian Car Wash it is our desire to wash every earthly vehicle; however, there are some that simply will not fit. You should check with each location but here is a list of some things we can not wash.

Tires over 12 inches wide or 315mm.

Dually trucks.

Ford Raptors.

Vehicles over 80 inches tall.

Certain work vans including but not limited to Sprinters, E-350s,  & Transit vans.

Ladder Racks & Bike Racks.

Trucks with loose items in a bed that is not covered.

Vehicles that have been lowered below 4 inches.