Meet The Martians

Martian Car Wash is an earthly manifestation of Midwest Car Wash Supply’s out of this world expertise in the car wash industry. For every one of our car wash locations, our primary focus is that our customers have an amazing experience washing their cars. Martian Car Wash also adds a little something extra special:

About Martian Car Wash

Cleanliness Is Not Science Fiction:

Some people have to see it to believe, but Martian Car Wash will leave your vehicle cleaner than any other car wash on Earth.

Close Encounters You Don't Mind:

Martian Car Wash employs the friendliest and most knowledgeable humans in the galaxy. Don’t fear what you don’t know because you can always ask for any form of assistance from our team. After all, they’re here to serve you.

Embrace Exploration:

Every visit to Martian Car Wash is an adventure. Our commitment to clean is consistent, but having fun while you’re having your vehicle washed is uncharted territory we want to help you discover.

Appreciate The Earthly:

Martian Car Wash values the way you spend your day-to-day. In addition to understanding what a difference a spotless vehicle can make for your attitude, our process will always be respectful of your time so you can get back to doing regular earthling things.

Light Years Ahead:

From RFID payments, to no-drip buff dry and laser beams, the technology that powers a Martian Car Wash is both cutting edge and reliable to ensure you efficiently getting the results you want from your wash.

Not So Far Far Away:

With our super convenient location, Martian Car Wash has carefully selected where to colonize based on simplifying your commute.

Out Of This World:

Our top priority is to gain your business and keep you coming back to our universe. We offer countless perks and freebies for our customers. All of which are designed to ensure that the interior and exterior of your vehicle can boldly go beyond your expectations.

Meet the Mars-keteers

Customer satisfaction and the ability to make things right

Back left to right: Gavin- Supervisor, Landon-Supervisor, Ein- Operations Manager

Front left to right: Conner- Senior Supervisor, Olivia- Supervisor.