One of my favorite things at this location is the soap.  The soap this auto wash uses smells fantastic!  I literally wanted to eat my car while I sat inside smelling the soap as the machines coated the outside.  My wife wouldn’t admit to wanting to eat the car, but I did see her licking her lips, so I’m pretty sure she was thinking about it too!


-Earthling, Harvester (Ellisville Location)

Pretty good car wash. A friend of mine gave me a code to get a free wash and it was really great.

They scrubbed the parts of my car that wouldn’t get hit by the machine and gave me a free mirror hanging air freshener.

I was in a rush so I didn’t use the vacuums, But they looked really good and my car really could have used it.

I think $12 bucks is a little steep but for not getting out of your car to wash it its not to bad.

-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)

This place is AWESOME! I have never been anything less than ecstatic about the quality of service.

As far as the review previously on here, there are holes in the vacuum heads for a reason, it helps with the suction.

-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)

Best car wash anywhere.

-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)

It’s the very best!!

-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)

Fast, friendly, and clean. Best car wash around!

-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)

Best Car Wash in St. Louis. Clear Car! Better Service!

-Earthling, St. Louis (Ellisville Location)

Pleasantly surprised by this car wash. I also love that the vacuums are free and are pretty powerful.

-Earthling, (Ellisville Location)

This car wash is fast, friendly and does an awesome job for a great price.

-Earthling, (Ellisville Location)

Been a monthly member since they opened. Love the ICE scented smell-goods & they always give me a few at a time (Booyah!). I totaled my car last year & was driving a rental for a month; Mr. Owner was so kind to give me the next month free of charge to make up for the one I was out a vehicle. Super fast & super clean every time! Try them too!!

-Earthling, Olympus Mons (Ellisville Location)

Love them! Best carwash around by far. Leaves my car shiny every time!

-Earthling, New York (Ellisville Location)